en • do • body   |   \’en-dō-bä-dē\   |   noun

  1. def.: A substance produced by the body that counteracts the effects of other substances that your body produces
  2. medical: A synthetically-induced physiological autoantibody that regulates biology
  3. examples:
    • An endobody vaccine trains the body’s adaptive immune system to more efficiently and selectively produce antibodies against undesirable endogenous host proteins
    • Endobody targets include cancer cells, hormones, or neurotoxic proteins as aggregated beta-amyloid peptides

Endobody Vaccines

UNS endobody vaccines train the body to develop its own defense against agents of chronic disease.

Vaccines have been one of the most effective and impactful medicines in history. Vaccines historically target exogenous pathogens outside the body associated with infectious diseases, and there are now over a dozen infectious diseases that are preventable via vaccination, from polio to the flu.

However, traditional vaccines face challenges breaking what scientists call “immune tolerance” or the “self-barrier” when targeting endogenous proteins inside the body associated with chronic diseases. The body does not like to mount an attack against itself, even though many diseases are caused by too much of something naturally produced by the body, such as cancer cells or neurotoxic proteins as aggregated beta-amyloid peptides.

Our endobody vaccines are able to train the body to successfully break “immune tolerance” and safely and effectively produce endobodies against undesirable endogenous proteins.

Our Technology of Firsts

Our new class of endobody vaccines are based on a series of technologies developed over two decades by our founder and Chief Scientific Officer and have a history of innovative firsts. The technologies have been applied to develop and commercialize the first peptide-based diagnostic test, the first fully synthetic peptide vaccine against an infectious disease, and the first fully synthetic peptide vaccine against an endogenous host protein in the world.

In each case, the product disrupted the market with improved safety and efficaciousness and reduced cost to the field. In total, there have been over 3 billion doses of products sold based on these platform technologies.

The UBITh® advantage

The cornerstone of our technologies is the UBITh immunogen, comprised of a custom-designed UBITh antigen and a UBITh peptide carrier. Combined with other proprietary UBITh vaccine components, the result is a stealthy endobody vaccine designed to elicit a broad response across populations, generate highly specific endobodies against the desired target epitope, and do so safely with virtually no off-target response.

Why does this matter?

Compared to traditional vaccines, our technologies enable more people (100% so far) including elderly patients with weakened immune systems across various ethnic diversities to respond more robustly and more specifically with fewer side effects.

Compared to other immunotherapies such as passive monoclonal antibodies that need to be infused into patients for the duration of treatment, our technologies enable the body to do most of the work in fighting disease, translating into a more convenient (think once 1-2x a year like a flu shot vs. monthly infusions) and more accessible treatment that is both affordable and easier to distribute for the global population. The gradual induction of endobodies by the immune system is also gentler on the body and the brain and thus has an excellent safety profile ultimately allowing for prophylactic applications.